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We have been granted GoodTravel certificate and the Sustainable Travel Finland label, which is a label awarded by Visit Finland to companies that meet the program's criteria for responsible tourism companies.

The Sustainable Travel Finland program helps us pay even more attention to the overall responsibility and sustainability of our operations – both ecologically, socially, culturally and financially.

For us, sustainability means that we take care of the comfortability of our workplace and are concerned about the well-being of the staff. We have rehabilitative work for the long-term unemployed, we also offer work trials and internships. We are happy to hire local people as seasonal help.

We have furnished our guesthouse cozy and homely. We want to offer our customers a relaxing and restorative experience. All customers is welcome to us as they are. We meet the needs of each customer as much as possible, for example, we make breakfast boxes considering special diets.

We develop our operations so that we burden nature as little as possible. We prefer recyclable materials, use eco-electricity and lower the temperature in the winter in the rooms that are not in use.


We have chosen Fortum Green!


As a Fortum Vihreë customer, we get electricity from 100% renewable sources. Therefore, the production of electricity used by our company is a mixture of water, wind and solar energy.


In addition, we participate in the valuable work of the Natural Heritage Foundation to protect Finnish forests.


Carbon-neutral waste management

The waste management of pioneer companies is produced in a carbon-neutral manner. For years, L&T has already taken active measures to reduce the emissions of its transport by, for example, improving route efficiency, improving the driving style of drivers, increasing the number of multi-compartment cars, and switching to lower-emission vehicles.


In addition, L&T's recycling plants use green electricity. These measures will be continued and further enhanced, but they cannot eliminate all emissions from waste management. A carbon-neutral waste management service was born to meet this need.

We compensate your carbon footprint by supporting afforestation projects. Carbon-neutral waste management means that the carbon footprint caused by the company's waste management is measured and the measured amount of emissions is compensated. Compensation takes place so that the amount of carbon corresponding to the emissions is sequestered from the atmosphere through certified afforestation projects. With the help of the service, the company's carbon footprint is reduced and the climate benefits.

We use Gold Standard certified afforestation projects in the service. In addition to carbon sequestration, these projects also promote other sustainable development goals. With the help of the projects, for example, local employment is supported and natural diversity is strengthened.

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