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Breakfast service

Breakfastbags are in the refidgerator at the BREAKFASTPOINT witch is in the red kitchen.

Everything with a sticker on, with our logo and text BREAKFAST, belongs to the breakfastserving

+ 1 personal bag with fresh products, with room number, in the fridge.

Coffee, tea etc. you cook yourself but breakfast can be eaten whenever you want.
You can eat it in the room, in the public kitchen areas (there are 2) or out in our yard.

You can also take it with you on the way home or to the beach.


Special diets need to be announced separately, no later than the day before arrival.
All our products are lactosfree.

frukostlåda_fylld semla (2019_08_07 07_59_06 UTC).jpg

Filled roll

Whole grain roll 






Cucumber / Pickled cucumber

Breakfastbag, 1person 

Filled roll

Karelian pie, eggbutter

Lactose-free milk

Something sweet (sweet bun, biscuits, pastries, etc.)

Lactose-free yogurt

Juice (Apple or orange)


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